HubSpot Shines a New Light on Twitter for Marketing and PR

Hubspot on Twitter

Hubspot on Twitter

Hubspot’s webinar, Twitter for Marketing and PR was informative and at the same time, a business case study in real-time.  The seminar hosted by Ellie Mirman, Mike Volpe and Rick Burnes, covered three main topics:

  1. Building Your Network
  2. Engaging Your Community
  3. Tracking and Analyzing

The segment on Building Your Network focused on personalizing you profile and following the Top Tweeple (Twitter users)and top though leaders. Follwoing top users on Twitter is now easier with Twittergrader which is powered by – you guessed it – Hubspot.

The second segment, Engaging Your Community touted the importance of following people who follow you and communicating with followers as opposed to only broadcasting to them.  Publishing helpful content was another important aspect of Engaging your Community.  With the use of TinyURL you can provide link to help information for your followers.  Tiny URL is a website that will condense a long URL so you can post it with you Tweet.

Track and Analyze was the topic of the third and last segment of the webinar.  That segment cover tools such as TritterGrader, tracking visitors to you website from referrals from Twitter and leads from Twitter.

Hubspot will send out a the audio and Power Point files for the Weebinar, I will be sure to post them as soon as I receive them.

I was very impressed with how useful the the information was that was presented.  My class and I immediately jumped on Twitter and  plugged into a whole new Twitter exprience thanks to Hubspot.

Send me at tweet, my user name is natashambaker!

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Guest Post- Measuring Shared Engagement

I found this post on Chris Brogan’s blog and I wanted to share it with you!

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