Free Social Media for Publishers Webinar, Featuring Chris Brogan

Social Media for Publishers, webinar

For those of you who are fane of Christ Brogan, watch him in action on Tuesday December 16th during the O’Reiley webinar: Social Media for Publishers.

Meet with Chris Brogan for a not-too-techy and not-too-light dive into the world of social media from the mindset of a publisher. Learn how he views the tools and how they apply to the work that you have on your plate for 2009. Leave the presentation with at least three things that will give you immediate results.

Update: Here is another webinar that will be hosted by Chris on December 11th: Duct Tape Marketing’s Twitter for Business.  Sign up now!

O’reilly Media, Inc WebEx Enterprise Site.

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People in the Real World

In a recent call-to-action, Chris Brogan in, People in the Real World urges bloogers to:

Share the living HELL out of the humanity and the real world-ness that goes into being a blogger and a technologist and someone from the future. Because what you know WILL change the way people live, and it’ll work a whole hell of a lot better if you help people get there, instead of maintaining that strange distance.

I’m sure you will enjoy Chris’ post as much as I did.

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50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Chris Brogan

Chris recently added a great post on his blog: 50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level,

Chris did a fantastic job, I just had to share this post with you!

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