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As I thought the topic of Blog Action Day 08 – Poverty, it was only natural for me to think in terms of presidential election.  In less than three weeks America will have an opportunity like no other country in this world, to elect Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America.  Of all of the issues that have crowded the electionsphere Poverty has received little limelight. It is, in many ways, regrettable. Not simply because the number of those living in poverty – 37.3 million in 2007, according to the U.S. Census Bureau – warrants attention.  Because, the Senator from Illinois, has a plan to end proverty in the United States. Because that plan, according to Harry Boyte, founder of the Institute’s Center for Democracy and Citizenship at the University of Minnesota – “would be really innovative.”

Boyte says Barack, “sees a need for “catalytic government that enables citizen action rather than displacing citizen initiative.”  It is an effort, Boyte says, that constitutes and anything-and-everything approach when it comes to fighting poverty.

Barack Against Poverty

Barack Against Poverty

Barack Obama and Joe Biden‘s Plan (watch Barack’s video)

  • Expand Access to Jobs

  • Make Work Pay for All Americans

  • Strengthen Families

  • Increase the Supply of Affordable Housing

  • Tackle Concentrated Poverty

Barack Obama’s Record

  • Tax Relief for Low-Income Working Families: Obama created the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families in 2000 and successfully sponsored a measure to make the credit permanent in 2003. The law offered about $105 million in tax relief over three years.
  • Housing: In the Illinois State Senate, Obama championed multiple pieces of legislation to help low-income families find adequate affordable housing.

My role is to work persistently to to ensure that Mr. Obama is elected President of the United States on November 4th.  And although, I am aware that his plan is domestic in scope, we must start at home first – in our neighborhoods, cities, states, and country.  What’s your plan?  I’m in, are you in?

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Join Blog Action Day 2008 – Blog About Poverty on October 15

I'm in. Are you in?

I found this compelling call-to-action posted on DevLounge featuring Blog Action Day 2008.  BDA is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. This year’s focus is the global issue of poverty. The aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

Global issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. By asking thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions, Blog Action Day creates an extraordinary lens through which to view these issues. Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

Visit the BDA website to learn about the three ways you can get involoved:

  • Publish
  • Promote
  • Donate
Register Now!

Register Now!

Blogs Participating

Blogs – both large and small are participating, including: EU Minister Elena Valenciano, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, LifeHacker, Mashable, Smashing, VentureBeat, ProBlogger, Inhabitat, ZenHabits, Stepcase LifeHack, MentalFloss, DailyBlogTips, TorrentFreak, SEOMoz, GetRichSlowly, WiseBread,, GigaOm, DumbLittleMan and more…

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