Should Web 2.0 Embrace Localization?

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After reading Bernard Sunn’s blog post, “Re-Localization Opportunities – Local 2.0”  I thought how can Web 2.0 developers incorporate local business owners into their 2.0 business models?  Believe it or not, a world still exists outside of the blogosphere or Twittersphere.  The Internet is mainstream, but there is still a market of millions of people and who prefer to shop local and fellowship in person rather than in cyberspace.

So the question is – How can web 2.0 developers reach those consumers?  By somehow targeting local business owners who cater to this market, developers have access to consumers who would normally be off the radar.

I commented on Bernard’s though-provoking post:

What a great post. I too found it thought provoking. I predict that we will see more and more Web 2.0 applications incorporate GPS (annotated tagging) in a way that will pull consumers out to local stores, shops, etc. For example, how can BrightKite take its annotated, geo-tagging application and localize it? How can they partner with local business owners, and bring value to them via their application and local BrightKite users? It will be interesting to watch this trend develop.

Should web application developers incorporate locailization into their business models?  Or should they continue to focus on the cyberspace for revenue generation?

Re-Localization Opportunities – Local 2.0 – ReadWriteWeb.

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Free Social Media for Publishers Webinar, Featuring Chris Brogan

Social Media for Publishers, webinar

For those of you who are fane of Christ Brogan, watch him in action on Tuesday December 16th during the O’Reiley webinar: Social Media for Publishers.

Meet with Chris Brogan for a not-too-techy and not-too-light dive into the world of social media from the mindset of a publisher. Learn how he views the tools and how they apply to the work that you have on your plate for 2009. Leave the presentation with at least three things that will give you immediate results.

Update: Here is another webinar that will be hosted by Chris on December 11th: Duct Tape Marketing’s Twitter for Business.  Sign up now!

O’reilly Media, Inc WebEx Enterprise Site.

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Avoid Long Lines with New iPhone App, GiftCards

GiftCertificates.comInternetRetailer reported today that has developed an iPhone application, thus entering the emerging realm of mobile e-commerce.  The application allows users to buy gift certificates without accessing a website. Consumes who download the application versus accessing a mobile website benefit from better performance, because the application resides on the smartphone.  The advantage for the developer, in this case, is the ability to increase brand loyalty since the application is displayed on the Featured Retailerssmartphone’s desktop. Download the application here.

Customers can use’s mobile application to browse a variety of gift cards from clothing retailers to restaurants chains.  Once the user selects the gift card they can then send either a physical or e-gift card to a recipient from their iPhone address book, along with a personalized message.

Gift Card CategoriesCapitalizing on the iPhone’s GPS capabilities the mobile application allows users to also locate retailers that are located near the intended recipient, and map directions to the store.

Are you an iPhone owner who doesn’t like to shop?  Would you use this application for your Christmas Shopping?

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How to Manage Your Social Profiles and Create Virtual Business Cards

Doriano “Paisano” Carta’s post on Mashable is so good I just had to share it. Even better

Wayne Sutton Twitter Profile

Wayne Sutton Twitter Profile

are the reader’s comments about on Doriano’s post.  Make sure you read through the comments, they’re loaded with info and advice on managing your online profile.

Seriously, take a look at Wayne Sutton’s comments.  Wayne’s Twitter profile is referenced in Doriano’s post.  And get this, Wayne commented via a video created using Viddler!  There is way too much info for me to cover it all – your going to have read it for yourself.

Here is a copy of Wayn’e video comment.

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What is the Definition of Social Media Marketing?

Confused???! (Image provided by Tom_ka via Flickr)

This week I’m covering marketing basics in my business management class.  The curriculum developed by the college is very general, and I  have a lot of leeway on what marketing topics I cover in class.  With that being said, I normally structure the week that I cover marketing by first discussing  the basics of marketing such as: the 4 P’s, product life cycle, and traditional marketing collateral. But, the world of marketing is has been disrupted by the emergence of social media marketing (SMM) – Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

These “marketing additives” are the center of discussion in many businesses and no definitive answers have eveloed as to adoption and integration into enteprise marketing strategies.  I do feel SMM is too big to gloss over, but I have yet to pinpoint a definitive model of what SMM looks like from an enterprise standpoint.

Peter Kim posted a thought-provoking blog today – Defining Social Media Marketing.  Peter defines SMM it as:

“Interaction between a company and individual via [digital] delivery channels, intended to share commercial content that will lead to a sale and/or be passed along to others.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  What is the definition of Social Media? What should I cover in my class?

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HubSpot Shines a New Light on Twitter for Marketing and PR

Hubspot on Twitter

Hubspot on Twitter

Hubspot’s webinar, Twitter for Marketing and PR was informative and at the same time, a business case study in real-time.  The seminar hosted by Ellie Mirman, Mike Volpe and Rick Burnes, covered three main topics:

  1. Building Your Network
  2. Engaging Your Community
  3. Tracking and Analyzing

The segment on Building Your Network focused on personalizing you profile and following the Top Tweeple (Twitter users)and top though leaders. Follwoing top users on Twitter is now easier with Twittergrader which is powered by – you guessed it – Hubspot.

The second segment, Engaging Your Community touted the importance of following people who follow you and communicating with followers as opposed to only broadcasting to them.  Publishing helpful content was another important aspect of Engaging your Community.  With the use of TinyURL you can provide link to help information for your followers.  Tiny URL is a website that will condense a long URL so you can post it with you Tweet.

Track and Analyze was the topic of the third and last segment of the webinar.  That segment cover tools such as TritterGrader, tracking visitors to you website from referrals from Twitter and leads from Twitter.

Hubspot will send out a the audio and Power Point files for the Weebinar, I will be sure to post them as soon as I receive them.

I was very impressed with how useful the the information was that was presented.  My class and I immediately jumped on Twitter and  plugged into a whole new Twitter exprience thanks to Hubspot.

Send me at tweet, my user name is natashambaker!

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Writers Wanted!

In addition to being an adjunct professor, business owner and PhD student, I’m also a contributing editor for Bright Hub – hence My blog title, Social Media Scribe!  If your not familiar with Bright Hub, its a science and technology website dedicated to utilizing deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information about new and emerging scientific and technology applications through a host of articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions.

Bright Hub needs writers! If you are a blogger than you are a writer!  Bright Hub has a several different channels that you can write for, according to your expertise – my channel is the project management channel.  Other channels include :

So you see, there’s a channel for everyone!  One of the great benefits of being a writer for Bright Hub is the PAY.  I’ve researched other writing sites and Bright Hub pays – not per word, or per click, but per article and through their revenue sharing program.  You can read more about being a writer for Bright Hub on their website.

I can attest to how great the company is.  Bright Hub is consistently updating the site, adding features to increase writer productivity, and offering incentives for writers.  For example the September promotion is for every for every 5 (300 word count or more) articles published in September, the writer will receive a $30 bonus.  How Fantastic is that!

If you would like to know more about Bright Hub, feel free leave a comment or contact me at:!

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