Pandora Spins My Hits

Pandora Screen Shot

Pandora Screen Shot

Pandora combines two things that I love – music and technology!  I’m busy! I don’t have the time I used to download songs from iTunes , then create a play list. I hardly have time to fit in my morning run, but when I do, I enjoy listening to music.  Gone are the days when I was a Napster nut – who had time to download an entire CD.  Now, I’m hard pressed to name one song in the top 40.  Needless to say my iPod playlist is certainly sad.  When Chris Brogan tweeted about listening to Pandora one day, I went straight to iTunes and downloaded the free application.  I haven’t stopped listening since I did.

Pandora is an Internet radio website, and most recently, an iPhone application that streams music to your desktop or iPhone.  It very customizable, you can define and refine the stations that are streamed to you.  Users have the ability to customize stations by genre, artist or both.  My stations are dancehall raggee, Beenie Man (raggee artist), hip hop, R&B, traditional gospel, and southern rap.  I was more than happy with 95% of the songs that were streamed to me.  There were a few that I skipped over, but all in all, the selections that were chosen were dead on.  The streams I receive are a nice mix of new music and older songs, that I will definitely add to my collection – as it needs of a lot of help.

iPhone Station List

iPhone Station List

The ability to bookmark a song on both the iPhone application and the website is easy and very convenient,  Although you cannot replay the entire song only a portion of it, you can purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon – both which I have an account with.  When you make changes to you iPhone stations or bookmark a song, it is automatically updated on your web-based account – nice! The convenience of one-click buying with both iTunes and Amazon make Pandora a must have for every iPhone owner and music lover!

Update: Pandora has reached over 2 Million iPhone users!

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  1. If you like Pandora you might like

    Since I started using Last.FM I haven’t ever needed to use Pandora. works sort of like Pandora but also has a social part to it. It will keep track of the songs you play and you can “love” a song which I guess it sort of like bookmarking it. Your friends can see what you listened to and they can see what you listened to so you can create a station based on what they are listening to and find more music. It can also track what mp3s you listen to on your iPhone or iTunes to help it create a playlist for you.

  2. Nicholi,

    Thanks for info on I’ve heard murmurs about it on the Internet, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it.

  3. Yeah, pandora rocks. My channel is radiojamrock (reggae mon). also check out and – btw, we just connected on Twitter @customerfx also @davidtinjum

  4. oops –

  5. Thanks,

    David for the channel suggestions. I’m definitely trying them out!

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