Web 3.0 Roundtable With Sramana Mitra

I’m a big fan of Sramana Mitra, who is considered by many to be an expert on  Web 3.0.  On Oct 21st I had the pleasure of attending the Web 3.0 Roundtable given by Sramana.  The hour-long webinar was an online product strategy roundtable featuring Sramana Mitra and using Dimdim‘s open source web conferencing platform. During the session, entrepreneurs pitched Sramana their product ideas in a 3-minute presentation. She reviewed the material in real-time and provided 3-minutes of feedback on each plan.

Here is some background on Sramana.

As an entrepreneur CEO, Sramana founded three companies: Dais (Off-shore Software Services), Intarka (Sales Lead Generation and Qualification Software; VC: NEA) and Uuma (Online Personalized Store for selling clothes using Expert Systems software; VC: Redwood). As strategy consultant, Sramana has consulted with over 75 companies, spanning from large public companies and private startups. Her current focus, is primarily in the realms of Web 3.0 and Enterprise 3.0, and related infrastructure.

Sramana is also the author of Entrepreneur Journeys, Volume One (2008). This book presents an intimate glimpse into the world of technology start-ups through candid conversations with a dozen of the most innovative practitioners of our time. Offering readers an inside view of how to navigate an entrepreneurial path, Sramana synthesizes candid conversations with her own incisive analysis, to create a unique set of case studies.

Sramana displayed her vast knowledge of entrepreneurship and business during the roundtable.  She advised each participant with great feedback – sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Her two primary criticisms were:

  • to think about the customer/client and remember the product or service should focus on value-adding
  • what differntiates your product from other existing products/services

Here is a link to the video: http://tinyurl.com/5gasms

My students (in the business management course that I teach) and I attended the roundtable; and they throughly enjoyed it. I used the roundtable as a learning experince for myself, and for my students by  having each student pitch me their ideas for their final project, which is a business plan.

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