My Motherboard, Myself: Tale of Hard Drive Crash Survivor

My Motherboard,Myself

Die-hard Sex and the City fans will laugh and possibly reminisce, others with mock me, but I just have to tell my sad tale.  This weekend my Mac crashed!  If you remember season four of Sex and the City when Carrie’s Mac crashed, it was like Déjàvu! Here I am sitting in Barnes & Noble, writing an article for Bright Hub, when the little color wheel appeared and started turning – very slowly mind you- and turning and turning and turning.   So, me being the computer hardware genius that I am, ok not really, I hit the power button in hopes of rebooting and continuing on with my article.  But, oh no not My Mac, My Mac sat there stuck on the start-up screen with the glowing Apple logo and yet another turning wheel – this time it was gray. That wheel would not stop turning, even when I rebooted yet again.

Luckily for me I live in the St. John’s Town center, which is an outdoor mall in Jacksonville, FL.  The town center is one of those new upscale communities that touts the benefits of, “Live, Work, and Play” all in one location.  In the town center there is an Apple store!  So, I walked around the corner, made my appointment – and like Carrie waited for my name to be called, as I clutched my defunct, color-wheel turning Mac for dear life.

Finally my name is called and the tech “genius” hooks my Mac up to a super-duper Mac and starts to

MacMini image provided by Ntr23 on Flickr

MacMini image provided by Ntr23 on Flickr

diagnose my Mac.  He is analyzing the hard drive and operating system.  He starts to explain that the analysis appears to state that my operating system has gone bad – ok whatever- can you fix it?  Well, it is very much fixable, but it will erase everything that I have saved on my hard drive! Then he asks the questions, “Did I backup my hard drive?”  AND then it hits me, I’m Carrie Bradshaw, which at this point is not good, because Carrie didn’t backup!  Dang, how embarrassing to admit that, no, I did not have an external hard drive, and no, I did not have a backup routine.  How embarrassing.  I know better, much, much better.  I’m a professor, PhD student and editor and writer.  My motherboard is Myself!  If I loose everything on my Mac, I will literally lose myself.

So, $850, and three days later I have my Mac back.  Sound like a lot, but it’s the price I had to pay for being Carrie!  The $850 went like this: $99.95 for a data rescue software that I had to use to save my data, $100 for an external hard drive, and $650 for a MacMini, I figured better safe than sorry.  I haven’t had a desktop is years, but hey, after the past three days a desktop is my plan b.  Luckily for me, my Mac is still under a one-year warranty, so all of the repairs were covered.  They even replaced the wrist plate that was worn and discolored from overuse.

The moral of the story is watch Sex and the City! and backup your hard drive or you run the risk of watching the little color wheel turn, and turn, and turn!

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