ZOHO: Free Suite of Online Applications

Image representing Zoho as depicted in CrunchBase

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Examples of ZOHO productivity and collaboration applications are:

  • ZOHO Mail
  • ZOHO Writer
  • ZOHO Share

Examples of ZOHO business applications are:

  • ZOHO Meeting
  • ZOHO Projects
  • ZOHO People

Chris Brogan has some great thought about Websites like ZOHO and what the future may entail for social networks.  Here is an excerpt from Chris’ blog post:

“I’ve long been a fan of what Zoho does, but with this new Marketplace, I get the feeling that we’re going to inch closer to one of my predictions for the future of social networks: velvet rope social platforms.

By this, I mean to say that Facebook won’t cut it in the near future for professional networks. If you and I are journalists, we’ll want to hang out on a site that has tools that make sense to us, alongside our friending features. If we’re realtors or hoteliers, we’ll want tools specific to our trades. If we’re educators, the same.

Tools like these in the marketplace are a great way for us to move even closer towards that future, as I see them potentially extending into use on various social platforms, if you just squint your eyes a bit.”

Read Chris’ entire blogpost here.

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