Writers Wanted!

In addition to being an adjunct professor, business owner and PhD student, I’m also a contributing editor for Bright Hub – hence My blog title, Social Media Scribe!  If your not familiar with Bright Hub, its a science and technology website dedicated to utilizing deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information about new and emerging scientific and technology applications through a host of articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions.

Bright Hub needs writers! If you are a blogger than you are a writer!  Bright Hub has a several different channels that you can write for, according to your expertise – my channel is the project management channel.  Other channels include :

So you see, there’s a channel for everyone!  One of the great benefits of being a writer for Bright Hub is the PAY.  I’ve researched other writing sites and Bright Hub pays – not per word, or per click, but per article and through their revenue sharing program.  You can read more about being a writer for Bright Hub on their website.

I can attest to how great the company is.  Bright Hub is consistently updating the site, adding features to increase writer productivity, and offering incentives for writers.  For example the September promotion is for every for every 5 (300 word count or more) articles published in September, the writer will receive a $30 bonus.  How Fantastic is that!

If you would like to know more about Bright Hub, feel free leave a comment or contact me at: natasha.m.baker@gmail.com!

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